By E-Mail to:

(Every registration sent by email will receive a confirmation email.
If you don't receive the confirmation after a few days, please re-send your registration.)

The necessary information is:
- Athlete(s) Name(s);
- Birthdate(s);
- Passport or other Id Number (this number is only used for Insurance Company registration)
- Participation in all or specific Stage(s);
- Participation Classe(s);
- IOF number for WRE (only for athletes running in the WRE);
- SportIdent card number (it will be rented if you don't have it);
- Extras: Night Urban Event, Orienteering Show and/or Official Dinner.

Mail Address:

Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida
R. Cláudio Oliveira Basto, Nº 20 - 4º B
2795-235 Linda-a-Velha

All international banking transfers should be done to the CPOC account:
BANK NAME: CGD (Caixa Geral de Depósitos)
IBAN: PT50003503440000373393071

PRICES (each stage)
Prices per personUntil 2009/02/062009/02/07 - 2009/02/13After 2009/02/13 (*)
FPO Youngster (<20 years) EUR 3,0 EUR 4,5 EUR 4,5
FPO Adult EUR 5,0 EUR 7,5 EUR 7,5
Youngster (<20 years) EUR 5,0 EUR 7,5 EUR 7,5
Adult EUR 8,0 EUR 12,0 EUR 12,0
(*) After February 13th, we'll only accept registrations for open classes.

- During the event, all registrations (only for open and formation classes) must be done in the Event Centre.

SportIdent Card 5 rental - EUR 1,0 (per day)
[The rented SI Card lost will be charged EUR 30.]

Model Event - EUR 2,0

Night Urban Event - EUR 4,0

Orienteering Show Event - EUR 2,0

T-shirt - Free Please tell what will the size of your t-shirts be, specially if you want a S, XS or XL.

Official Typical Alentejo Dinner - EUR 18

Entries changes and cancellations after 2009/02/06 - EUR 2

Final Bulletin - Free. Must be collected on the event centre.

Bus - available to go from Mora to the Arenas of the 4 days (it's free, but you have to book it when you send your entry)

PACK PRICES (4 stages, Model, Night Urban, OriShow and Official Dinner)
Prices per personUntil 2008/12/312009/01/01 - 2009/02/06Sum outside pack
FPO Youngster (<20 years) EUR 30,0 EUR 35,0 EUR 38,0
FPO Adult EUR 38,0 EUR 43,0 EUR 46,0
Youngster (<20 years) EUR 38,0 EUR 43,0 EUR 46,0
Adult EUR 50,0 EUR 55,0 EUR 58,0
These pack prices are only valid if we receive the corresponding payment before the pack price limit date.

Federação Portuguesa de Orientação (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) Câmara Municipal de Mora (Mora Municipality) Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão

Instituto do Desporto de Portugal SportZone Fluviário de Mora Vitalis

Azenhas da Seda Casas de Romaria Atari

Dualbrand Silva Tatonka

COC - Clube de Orientação do Centro Gafanhori Ori-Estarreja Alpro Soya