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(Every registration sent by email will receive a confirmation email.
If you don't receive the confirmation after a few days, please re-send your registration.)

The necessary information is:
- Athlete(s) Name(s);
- Birthdate(s);
- Passport or other Id Number (this number is only used for Insurance Company registration)
- Participation in all or specific Stage(s);
- Participation Classe(s);
- IOF number for WRE (only for athletes running in the WRE);
- SportIdent card number (it will be rented if you don't have it);
- Extras: Urban Event, Mini-O, Trail-O and/or Official Dinner.

Mail Address:

Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida
R. Cláudio Oliveira Basto, Nº 20 - 4º B
2795-235 Linda-a-Velha

All international banking transfers should be done to the CPOC account:
IBAN: PT50003503440000373393071

Prices per personUntil 2006/02/192006/02/20 - 2006/02/26After 2006/02/27 (*)
1 stage2 stages1 stage2 stages1 stage2 stages
FPO Youngster (<20 years)EUR 3,0EUR 6,0EUR 5,0EUR 10,0EUR 7,0EUR 14,0
FPO AdultEUR 5,0EUR 10,0EUR 7,0EUR 14,0EUR 10,0EUR 20,0
Youngster (<20 years)EUR 4,0EUR 8,0EUR 6,0EUR 12,0EUR 7,0EUR 14,0
AdultEUR 6,0EUR 12,0EUR 8,0EUR 16,0EUR 10,0EUR 20,0
(*) After February 27th, we'll only accept registrations for open and formation classes.

- During the event, all registrations (only for open and formation classes) must be done in the Event Centre.

SportIdent Card 5 rental - EUR 1,5 (for both stages)
[The rented SI Card lost will be charged EUR 30.]

Sport Insurance - included in prices

Model Event maps - EUR 2,0

Each OL Training Camp will be priced 4 EUR per map. In these cases, registration is recommended to ensure that selected OL Training Camps are available at each date.

Urban Event - EUR 4,0 (to persons NOT registered in the Long Distance stage)
Urban Event - EUR 2,0 (to persons registered in the Long Distance stage)

Trail-O - free (the registration is needed to determine the number of maps to print)

Mini-O - free (the registration is needed to determine the number of maps to print)

T-shirt - free (sponsored by Câmara Municipal de Mora (Mora Municipality))

Official Dinner with regional music animation - EUR 11


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